The Tweed "Vibrolush"

The Tweed 5F11 circuit is one of the most underrated amplifiers of all time.  It is the same circuit as a Tweed Harvard but with tremolo added for more fun. Compared to a 5E3 the Tweed "Vibrolush" has a more usable volume taper, more clean headroom and three inputs that allow for late night or low volume playing.  It is a compact, portable tone machine suitable for jams, home practice or even gigs when mic'd with a PA.  It is a mid-century gem!


We did not set out to offer the lowest priced amp possible  - several other companies already supply kits and amps using the cheapest components available, regardless of quality.  Our amp is put together with tone, reliability, looks and resale in mind. 



Each amp includes:


- Vintage style chrome plated steel chassis with 3 inputs

- 5F11 board made from G10/FR4 electrical grade fiberglass

- Mercury Magnetics transformers

- Jupiter Yellow vintage style capacitors

- F&T or Sprague electrolytics

- 22g cloth covered wire, 18g heaters

- Carbon comp resistors

- Carling switches

- CTS pots

- Belton tube sockets

- Switchcraft jacks

- Purple indicator light, cream knobs

- Speaker hookup

- Vintage style chrome footswitch for Tremolo operation

- Modern Sounds "Vibrolush" logo

- Mullard 12AX7s, EH 6V6s and NOS RCA 5Y3GT rectifier

- Tweed 1x10 or 1x12 cabinet made to my specifications: knot free pine, amber tinted lacqeur, leather handle, metal glides, unpainted baffle

- 10 inch Jensen C10R, 12 inch Jupiter 12LC or 12 inch Celestion G12H speaker.




Modern Sound Amplifiers is not in any way affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments or Marshall Amplification.  Any mention of company names or products is strictly for educational and reference purposes only.

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