British Lord, King of the Tweeds

Modern Sounds brings you the finest JTM45 vintage replica available.  I want your amp to be built to vintage specs using NOS parts wherever possible, delivering a "vintage replica" instead of merely a clone.  If you want modern parts I can accomdate your request, but I prefer to build vintage replicas for those who appreciate the attention to vintage detail.


The JTM45 is the greatest amp ever built, giving you Fender cleans when you want them and rich, organic overdrive Marshall when you demand it.  Find out for yourself why this amp remains a classic!


- Aluminum chassis based on a real JTM45

- Alumimark, Gold or White plexi faceplate with proper logos 

- Phenolic board material like the originals

- Pink wire where vintage correct

- NOS Mustards 

- NOS Piher metal film and Carbon Comp resitors where appropriate

- NOS McMurdo or Cinch sockets

- NOS paxolin internal fuse holder

- NOS Belling Lee fuse holder 

- NOS and vintage RS/Lemco 250pf and 500pf caps

- Cliff Jacks & CTS pots (PEC upgrade available)

- Black "V" knobs, standard gold knobs or faux "Clapton knobs" available

- Merren Drake or Mercury Magnetics Radiospares Output Transformer (your choice)

- Marstran, Merren or Mercury Magnetics Power Transformer & Choke



*Note - from time to time I have vintage, original Radiospares Output Transformers available for purchase.  These require some chassis modifications but the finished product sounds unbelieveable.  Contact me to discuss this option.


Modern Sound Amplifiers is not in any way affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments or Marshall Amplification.  Any mention of company names or products is strictly for educational and reference purposes only.

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