The Blues Defender!

My take on the venerable 5E3 circuit!  Changes include an added Standby switch, increased filtering, coupling cap value changes and cathode cap value changes. These modifications make the amp less "flubby", reduce the overbearing bass and make humbuckers sound incredible!  The result is an amp that retains the classic tone, sound and feel of a 5E3 but reduces some of the vintage "quirks" that can hold you back, especially if you're using humbuckers.  I can also make the Bright input a "humbucker channel" and leave the Normal input stock for using single coils.  The 5E3 is the ultimate Tweed circuit but the Blues Defender has updated it for these modern times.  


Each amp includes:


- Vintage style chrome plated steel chassis with 4 inputs plus Standby switch

- 5E3 board made from G10/FR4 electrical grade fiberglass

- Mercury Magnetics transformers wound to deliver 50s amp voltages using modern 120v wall voltage

- Jupiter Yellow vintage style capacitors

- F&T or Sprague electrolytics

- 22g cloth covered wire, 18g heaters

- Carbon comp resistors (higher wattage metal film resistors used in the B+ dropping positions)

- Carling switches

- CTS pots

- Belton tube sockets

- Switchcraft jacks

- Purple indicator light, cream knobs

- Speaker hookup 

- Modern Sounds logo

- NOS RCA 12AY7, modern Mullard 12AX7, EH 6V6s and NOS RCA 5Y3GT rectifier (full NOS tube set available)

- Tweed 1x12 cabinet made to my specifications: knot free pine, amber tinted lacqeur, leather handle, metal glides, unpainted baffle

- 12 inch Jupiter 12LC or Celestion G12H speaker (other options available)

Modern Sound Amplifiers is not in any way affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments or Marshall Amplification.  Any mention of company names or products is strictly for educational and reference purposes only.

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